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The Bad Girl, Sad Girl, Mad Girl Art of Melinda Gebbie

Walking the Dog
Prunella Knew
Be My Valentine
On Hecate's Pond
photo by Bill Carlsson
Zorin & Me
Thatcher as Chronos
Underground Heaven, pg. 1
Lost Girls at the Opera
A Yank in Lorca's Garden
David and Momzilla
Bryan Gregory
Lobster Woman of Toledo
Luna, pg. 2
Happy the Squid
Cyclops, Hank and Bill
Three-Eyed Beast
Mermaid in a Tub
Death's Drive-In
Pink Boy
Titania's Birthday Bash
Hot Date on the River Styx
There, In The Clearing
Chiquita Rock 'n' Roll
Red, Green, Amber
Three Paths
Illusion of Control
Let's Suprize Daddy
Self-Portrait With Doll
Michael Modhava
The Conversation
Paradise Head
Contemplating Apocalypse
The Kindly Ones


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Jimmy's End
Dodgem Logic
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