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Gebbie portrays the struggle of Mind, Heart and Psyche to find a connection between these islands of human experience, making the focus of her attentions not the continuity of self-plagiarism, but the application of total attention to a state of Being as exemplified by the qualities of Reverie, Desire and Anticipation so palpably present in Lost Girls; a paean to the Female Gaze, written by Alan Moore and illustrated in rich panels by Melinda in a beautiful, slipcased three volume set of narrative art.

In Conclusion, Gebbie’s work, when seen as a continuous document of fluid mind, body and spiritual states, seen through varied materials and storytelling imagery is truly a one-person journey through a kaleidoscope of incoming words, feelings, growing awarenesses and the ever-changing juxtapositions that the rules of Time and Flesh impose upon us.
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